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The definition of offensive weapon is the same as section 1 PCA. The defendant has an offensive weapon with them in a public place. › legal-guidance › offensive-weapons-knives-bladed-and-. An offensive weapon is a tool made, adapted or intended for the purpose of inflicting physical injury upon another person. Applies to an article or substance if it is an offensive weapon within the meaning of section 1 of the Prevention of Crime Act , being any. Act to have an offensive weapon in one's possession in a public place. such as soldiers or police officers, who carry offensive weapons in the. Carrying an article with a blade or point or an offensive weapon in a public place. Section 1 of the Prevention of Crime Act and section of the. The Offensive Weapons Act introduced a range of provisions, including Knife Crime Prevention Orders (KCPOs) and legislative amendments. Almost any item can be considered to be an offensive weapon if the person carrying the item intends to use it to cause injury. Whether an item is an offensive. There are separate but similar offences for knives and offensive weapons. An offensive weapon is anything made or adapted to cause injury, or intended to be. Knife crime includes any crimes that involve the use of a sharpened weapon, blade or offensive weapon. The way these types of weapons can be used means there.

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