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A study by researchers at the San Francisco VA Medical Center indicates that people with bipolar disorder may suffer progressive brain damage. › news › /05 › study-suggests-bipolar-disorder-may-ca. Research shows bipolar disorder may damage the brain over time. Experts think it's because you slowly lose amino acids. They help build the. ). All this would suggest that: 1) bipolar disorder is associated with cognitive deficits and corresponding changes in the brain's structure. Bipolar Disorder Can Shrink Part of Your Brain's Hippocampus · Depression, which can trigger depressive episodes · Memory problems, which can contribute to racing. Studying the causes of bipolar disorder at UTHealth, from the left, “We also found that manic episodes cause the most damage to the. Bipolar episodes decrease brain size, and possibly intelligence. Grey matter in the brains of people with bipolar disorder is destroyed with. A new study shows that the blood of bipolar patients is toxic to brain cells and may affect the connectivity ability of neurons. About one in ten diagnosed with bipolar disorder (BD) has experienced a premorbid traumatic brain injury (TBI), while not fulfilling the. Disorders of mood are common consequences of traumatic brain injury (TBI). In some cases, especially in the early period following TBI, mood.

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